Tihariya Shopping Complex

Floor / Apartment

1st Building

48 Shops

2nd Building

46 Shops

3rd Building

54 Shops

If you are interested in the above displayed property, you can either explore the site-plan attached below along with the construction in progress pictures or contact one of our very capable agents who would cater to your information needs.

If you have already selected a lot which you would like to reserve, a payment of Rs.500,000/- is to be made to our head office or to be deposited to Sanasa Development Union Gampaha bank account for it to be reserved.

Afterwards by paying 50% of the total value of the property the customer can move in/ start business/ start building the house/ shop/ land.

An overseas or a Sri Lankan Client can make any reservations by depositing to the account 026-100-151657003 of Peoples bank Gampaha and emailing or faxing the slip along with a copy of the NIC/Passport and a copy of the filled application form

All payments are handle through our head office at 99, Colombo road, Gampaha as well and you can download a soft copy of the application on the "How to Buy" Page of this web application.

Working Progress