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An unparalleled portfolio of shopping complexes, housing projects and much more.

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Featured Projects

30 Dec 2014
Due on
6 Floors
60 Apartments
30 Dec 2014
Due on
4 Floor
56 Shops
30 Dec 2014
Due on
8 Floors
37 Apartments
30 Dec 2014
Due on
7 Floors
35 Apartments

4 Decades of trust

Sanasa District union Gampaha was established in 1978 earning four decades of public trust through unmatched service and client relationships.

Largest Name in Construction

Today Sanasa District Union Gampaha not only has become the Leading development company in Gampaha but also one of the largest name in Construction island wide.

Sanasa Union

Sanasa District union Gampaha was formed under the 12th Co-operative act of 1972 over 35 years ago.

Development in the County

Sanasa Union Gampaha hugely involves in the development of the country with carriers, CSR and scholarships throughout the country.

Public Benefits

The company provides the public with the features and benefits in Construction Loans, Educational, Workshops for the Children, youth and Women.

Powerful public Firm

Sanasa District Union Gampaha has encouraged 530 Primary committees making it one of the most powerful public firms in the Gampaha District.

How to Buy?

If you’re interested in buying a property please call one of our highly able agents who will guide you through or click on the link below

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About SDGU

Sanasa Development Gampaha Union is one of the most successful cooperative organizations in the country with over four decades of experience

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If you’re interested in having an appointment and an onsite visit please click the link below to find out our contact information and maps

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